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Hi, I'm Krista.

I specialize in custom, personalized, one of a kind rooms and pieces made from off the shelf parts, creativity, hard work, and a refusal to accept the impossible. I work with homeowners and contractors who are looking for high end interiors without high end costs. 

My job is to work with homeowners to bring their unique taste, needs, and experiences together into something special as well as functional.  

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Consulting, designing, planning, and sourcing



In addition to my design training, I'm trained as a chef and a sommelier, so I know how to make a kitchen function, as well as how to make it beautiful.


My passion for interiors started when I was ten. I've been designing and staging rooms ever since. I work with homeowners to make the conceivable real.



Bathrooms offer an opportunity to create small jewel boxes of personal luxury. They're an unexpected place for expression.

We love our new kitchen and it has made such a difference in how we feel about our house. Thank you for saving us from some of the other decisions we were about to make!
— Art & Linda, Toronto

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