Custom, unique, yours.


It doesn't take a fortune to create something that is uniquely yours. I love to start with well made, reasonably priced off the shelf basics from places like IKEA, EQ3, and Structube or even with a homeowner's own pieces, then customize them. I really value the relationships I have with Toronto's hardware and furniture dealers. They work with me to create amazing pieces for my client.





These simple IKEA doors were routered out so we could flush mount the brass hardware. This is one way to get a custom kitchen look without the hefty financial hit.





The swing arm lamps in the kitchen were nearly perfect. All they needed was a hit of brass. Customizing the fixtures was an inexpensive way to bring the whole space together. All it takes is a bit of effort and great relationships with Toronto area dealers.


Brass ties this powder room to the kitchen, but brass legs for the vanity cost a fortune. To solve this, I found a set of aluminum legs the homeowners loved, then had them plated. It took some running around, but saved hundreds of dollars.